Huge potential in the new Xiaomi phone 12

Foreign press reports announced leaks about some of the capabilities that are scheduled to distinguish the phone xiaomi 12 new.

And some leaks indicated that the “Xiaomi 12” phone is expected to be launched for the first time in China next month, and the phone may not reach globally until January 2022, and according to what the leaks said, Xiaomi has upgraded its leading entry level in core areas, including charging capabilities. .

In the same vein, the Mi 11 can be recharged at 55W via a wired connection and 50W wirelessly, and a few flagships have reached this charging power so far, but the Chinese company, has brought 120W wired charging to devices like the 11T Pro, supposedly Xiaomi 12 supports 100W wired charging, which should provide exceptionally fast charging times regardless of battery capacity.

According to the leaks, it is expected that the Xiaomi phone 12 will arrive with the latest phone processor from Qualcomm, which is the Snapdragon 898 processor, which the company will launch on November 30.

In addition, Digital Chat Station confirms that Xiaomi has settled on a 50MP sensor as the primary Xiaomi camera, and Xiaomi usually relies on Samsung camera sensors instead of Sony Exmor sensors, and so far, Samsung has released four 50MP camera sensors, ISOCELL JN1 and ISOCELL GN1, ISOCELL GN2, and ISOCELL GN5.

Currently, no manufacturer has used ISOCELL GN5 in a smartphone, so it could be a candidate for the Xiaomi 12 series. Xiaomi is already using ISOCELL JN1 in mid-range smartphones, while ISOCELL GN1 has skipped in favor of ISOCELL GN2 for Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra. Thus, it seems likely that Xiaomi has supplied the Xiaomi 12 with ISOCELL GN2 or ISOCELL GN5.

In general, any of the cameras will provide improved image quality via the ISOCELL HMX found in the Mi 11. While the ISOCELL HMX is by no means a bad camera sensor, we didn’t consider it a flagship smartphone.


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