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Launched seven years ago now, the show presented by Cristina Cordula brings together many faithful every day. The secret to the show’s success? The good humor of the candidates, the advice of the former Brazilian model, and especially for the rants. This time, it is the former model who could not bear Angelique’s jokes. Explanations.

Cristina Cordula can’t stand the jokes of a candidate

Throughout the week, Angélique, a candidate of the Queens of Shopping has multiplied the jokes towards her competitors. If on television it was not necessarily embarrassing, the least we can say is that his style was a real flop with Cristina Cordula. Indeed, the former model found it difficult to bear the jokes of the young woman and it did not take more for her to react harshly. She immediately wanted to clear things up with the 22-year-old cosmetics sales manager.

At the end of the week during the debriefing with all the candidates, Cristina Cordula couldn’t help but point out to Angelique that her jokes weren’t great: ” Angelique, my dear. Already your jokes. Look, at first I was like “good ok, ha ha ha” but at the end of the day woh woh woh that didn’t make me laugh too much eh. And are you like that every day? “A little embarrassed, the candidate for the Queens of Shopping replied:” I am a very hyperactive person, so I like to throw out little jokes from time to time“. Fortunately for her, the former model had nothing to say about her outfit… phew.

This is not the first time that Cristina Cordula is angry with a candidate. Moreover, still in the same week, she had harsh words towards another candidate concerning her makeup. Indeed, while Carine demonstrates her usual beauty: ” I put on a little powder of the sun and then I will apply a little blush. I heard that to apply the blush you have to inflate the cheeks“, The former backstage model can’t take it anymore.

Cristina Cordula hallucinated in front of her swollen face: ” It’s not OK at all ! It’s not like that, at all, at all, at all! Ohlala it’s a disaster! You have to smile She said with a rant. Then, the Brazilian, facing the camera, tries to contain her giggles. Fortunately, the candidates are not susceptible, otherwise the show would not last all this time. It remains to be seen now what will be the young woman’s next rant.


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