Hugo Tocalli: I find it hard to believe that Nicolás Blandi does not score goals in Colo Colo

The former Colo Colo coach and current San Lorenzo sports director, Hugo Tocalli, referred to the complex situation that Nicolás Blandi lives in the “Cacique” and he was very surprised, since in Argentina he is considered an important scorer.

I find it hard to believe that Blandi has been able to play and score goals in Colo Colo, it must really be very bad, because one knowing him and seeing him up close every Sunday, and even having him in practice, you can’t understand that he couldn’t score goals and play“, he said in dialogue with Outdoors in Cooperativa.

In addition, he referred to the possibility of the player leaving for Independiente: “If it suits Blandi and Colo Colo, let the player come to Independiente, where Julio César Falcioni just took office, Colo Colo will have to go in search of some other ‘9’ “.

It seems strange to us that he didn’t score goals because Blandi played well or badly, but he always scored goals, There he was two games without doing, but the third he did. Nor is he an old man who cannot move, he can play quietly. Here the concept of all the football people in Argentina is that Blandi is a scorerThat’s why Falcioni wanted as soon as he assumed to bring him back to Argentine football, “he closed.

“The Superclásico between Colo Colo and U seemed like a B match”

Along with this, Tocalli analyzed the present of Colo Colo, ensuring that hope they are saved from descent and made a strong criticism at the level of the last Superclásico against Universidad de Chile, which ended 0-0.

“I watched the game and really It didn’t seem like a classic between Colo Colo and U, it seemed like a normal match, even from B it seemed“, said the former coach of the Chilean sub-20 team.

On the fight of the “albos” to save the category, the Argentine said that “Colo Colo has to appear, the claw and the heart of the players is all because it is a great, has players of a very good quality and who have the category of taking Colo Colo out of this, so one has that hope that it will not take long to take those two or three steps to be more relieved and then all the stuff”.

When you’re fighting relegation it seems that all teams are difficult, it seems that everything you do is difficult and that one thing does not come out well on the court, then that is what else there is to work on the head of the players, so that they can feel loose and they can develop all the capacity they have on the field. God grant I can get out of this, he continued.

Finally, he remembered that “We had to live something not so demanding, but we were also very close to the relegation zone and we couldn’t, but we started to win and ended up being champions, after qualifying for the play-offs, “he closed on his experience in 2009.

Colo Colo has his next challenge this Saturday against Coquimbo Unido at the Monumental Stadium, at 18:00 hours (21:00 GMT), game that you can follow for all platforms of Al Aire Libre en Cooperativa.


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