Human ashes will travel to the Moon in 2021 for $ 12,500

Capsules with ashes Y DNA samples deaths are among the robotic lander payloads Peregrine de Astrobotic, which will be launched at Luna commissioned by the NASA in July 2021.

Astrobotic is one of several U.S. companies working with NASA to deliver science and technology to the lunar surface through the Commercial Lunar Cargo Services (CLPS) initiative, as part of the Artemis program for the return of robotic and manned ships to the Moon.

Peregrine’s Fate, to be launched in a cohete Vulcan Centaur of United Launch Alliance from Cape Canaveral, Florida, is an area in the northeast part of the moon called Lacus Mortis. Celestis, Inc., based in Houston, offers this lunar funeral service on its website starting at $ 12,500.

Celestis calls the upcoming mission Luna 02 or “the Flight of Tranquility.” This last name honors the Apollo missions (Apollo 11 landed in the moon’s Sea of ​​Tranquility) and describes the final resting place and tranquility for participants and their families, says Celestis co-founder and CEO Charles Chafer.

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Celestis offers a variety of options for sending the remains of the deceased into space, Chafer told “Our Luna Service is among the most popular as it provides families and friends with an off-planet service permanence and provides a constant reminder in the night sky of a loved one’s final resting place,” he said.

The Luna 02 mission is Celestis’ 18th commemorative spaceflight mission. The company has launched symbolic portions of cremated remains into suborbital space and Earth orbit, as well as the lunar surface.

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Celestis’s Luna 01 flight sent the “ashes” of renowned astrogeologist Eugene Shoemaker to the moon aboard the NASA’s Lunar Prospector spacecraft in 1998. Planetary scientist Carolyn Porco defended the proposal to honor the late scientist by sending his ashes to the moon.

At the end of Lunar Prospector’s 19-month investigation of the moon, the spacecraft deliberately crashed into a crater of eternal darkness near the lunar south pole on July 31, 1999. That site is now a lasting monument to Shoemaker.



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