Human Rights in Xinjiang Uyghur: BBC Interview with Baroness Kennedy, British Queen’s Counsel on China’s Sanctions List-BBC News

April 7, 2021

Image source, Ian West/PA Wire

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Baroness Kennedy (first from right) and some British politicians on the Chinese sanctions list in front of the Prime Minister’s residence at No. 10 Downing Street

The United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Canada have recently jointly imposed sanctions on China for human rights issues in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, and announced the freezing of overseas assets of relevant Chinese officials and the suspension of visa issuance. Beijing has also countered it reciprocally.

BBC Chinese interviewed some British people on the Chinese government’s sanctions list, including the famous human rights activist and senior legal person, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC (Queen of Baroness Helena Kennedy).

Baroness Kennedy has paid special attention to the human rights issue in Xinjiang for some time. In the interview, she first stated that she was “very disappointed” by China’s sanctions because she “said something for the sake of the law, the rule of law, and human rights.”

“I criticized China and sanctioned me and wanted to freeze my property. This approach is meaningless, because I have no property, not rich, and no property in China,” she said. “What they should know is that our sanctions will actually affect those very wealthy Chinese who own real estate in London.”

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