Human Rights Watch report harshly criticizes Duque’s government

Human Rights Watch
presented his report on human rights in the continent. Colombia had a special chapter, in which there were harsh questions to the government of Iván Duque.

The HRW report says that President Iván Duque in his speeches shows international standards on human rights. But when it goes into practice, the necessary measures are not applied to save the lives of community leaders, Afro communities, and those displaced by violence in the country.

“The response so far from the national government is eminently military, it is the deployment of military troops, but obviously it is not enough if it is not accompanied by efforts to strengthen justice, the protection of people,” said José Miguel Vivanco, director of the NGO .

Vivanco added: “We know that in these territories, in Colombia, you pick up a stone and a hit man comes out and, If the Prosecutor’s Office is dedicated to identifying hitmen and capturing them, they are two different things. Which is valuable, but insufficient, otherwise efforts are made so that the investigations target the leaders “.

He also recalled that last year in the country 66 massacres were registered and 421 human rights defenders were killed. Most of these crimes go unpunished.

Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, presidential advisor for human rights, answered the questions.

“It is a bit of an exaggeration to say that under every stone there is a hit man. However, drug trafficking is like a monster with a thousand heads, that is why the action of the public force must be forceful. The most wanted poster was generated, precisely because the Attorney General’s Office identified 31 persons responsible for the homicides of social leaders, ”he declared.

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