Humanity in medicine – News from Gipuzkoa

We were in the year 2020 when from our balconies we applauded and recognized the great work that our health body carried out and carries out. Thank you very much. Thanks to each member of the health staff and thanks also to Osakidetza. Science, technique and the consequent professionalization and specialization are very peculiar characteristics of modern medicine and at the same time ambivalent phenomena, that is, their pros and cons are obvious. They have drastically reduced infant mortality and have extended the average standard of living of the population, but they have also, at times, been detrimental to important values ​​in health care, such as, for example, personalized, respectful, affectionate treatment for each sick. Today, without a doubt, the patient is much better cared for than before, clinically speaking. But it is also true that she suffers more alone and dies more abandoned. Faced with the current scientific-technical invasion, doctors and nursing assistants run the serious risk of not realizing that in the practice of medicine what matters most is the patient, who is a suffering human being in his somatic and psychic sphere, and not the machines or the sophisticated experiments that can be carried out with them. Human warmth, personalized and personalized treatment is necessary so that a patient not only obtains his diagnosis, but also his cure, if possible. And curing a sick person does not only mean prescribing the ideal medicine, it is also necessary to give him time, sympathy, respect, dedication; it means giving him human warmth. Undoubtedly, health is the material asset par excellence because it conditions everything. Without health, everything else is nothing. Let’s take care of health because it is the core good that underpins all other goods.

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