Technology "Humiliated", the team in charge of the Exynos processor...

“Humiliated”, the team in charge of the Exynos processor resents Samsung


New episode in the duel between Qualcomm and Exynos. The two processor suppliers, who share the Samsung smartphone market according to the country of marketing, are less and less able to support their coexistence.

This week, the new twist is coming from South Korea, Samsung’s homeland. Since the new Galaxy S20 was launched there, the teams in charge of the Exynos processor have been able to discover that their SoC had not been selected to cover the local market, and that the latest Snapdragon 865 had been integrated into the new flagship of the smartphone brand.

According to Korean media reports, the Samsung Exynos team felt “humiliated” after the discovery. If they could well understand that their chip could not be marketed in the United States because of the trade embargo, there is no doubt that they could not expect their country of origin to be itself removed from their production.

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Qualcomm takes the lead on Exynos

Two weeks ago, another event had talked about this duel between the Exynos and Qualcomm processors within Samsung products. On March 23, a petition had gained popularity as it asked Samsung to end this duo in its suppliers.

Customers, European in particular, want the brand while the SoC Exynos are proving to be below the capacity of Snapdragon, especially since Qualcomm released its latest products like the Snapdragon 865.

The new American processor claims to offer capacities up by 20% compared to the previous Snapdragon 855, both in terms of CPU and GPU, which also corresponds to the difference in power that can be compared on the Exynos 990 – the most powerful processor from Samsung.

The question remains as to why Samsung has chosen – almost provocatively – to prefer the services of the American rather than those of its own company, in its home market. To this question, we can advance the idea of ​​the new 5G network, certainly better managed by the Snapdragon 865 rather than the Exynos 990.

As pointed out 9to5Google, these misadventures should not however signal the end of the Exynos processors. If the South Korean firm remembers the past and the marketing of its Galaxy S6, it will remember that American processors may also be plagued by problems. “Exynos also gives Samsung bargaining power over Qualcomm”said journalist Ben Schoon. An argument which may prove to be sufficient, despite the “humiliation” that it may entail.


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