Humor and emotion for the «most complex» edition of ‘Got Talent Spain’

A spectacular ‘domino effect’ to beat a Guinness record, a number with drones or a challenge to solve four Rubik’s cubes submerged in a water tank are some of the performances that can be seen in the sixth edition of ‘Got Talent Spain’ . The homeland adaptation of the successful international format, created by Simon Cowell, lands again tomorrow Friday on Telecinco (10pm) with Santi Millán as master of ceremonies. It opens a season that, in short, promises to surprise with a lot of “talent, humor and entertainment.”

The general director of Contents of Mediaset, Manuel Villanueva, explains that the ‘talent show’ of the house is “the best letter of introduction” of Telecinco for a television course that will end at the beginning of the summer.

Fifteen galas

In the director’s words, the sixth edition of ‘Got Talent’, which has fifteen galas, has been “the most complex” in terms of production but also “the most anticipated” after a fifth season that ended with the final most viewed in its history: 29% audience share and close to three million viewers. «The most important moment is when the year begins. And 2021 begins with ‘Got Talent’ ”, says the CEO of the communication group, Paolo Vasile, in the same vein.

For the new deliveries, unlike in other years, two theaters located on Madrid’s Gran Vía have been rented for the first time: the Coliseum, to record the galas, and the Lope de Vega, where applicants have been welcomed. “And thus be able to guarantee the space, that the contestants do not coincide” and “avoid any contagion by coronavirus“, point out those responsible.

And is that the recording began in the middle of the pandemic, at a time when “everything was still dramatic” due to the health situation. “We were afraid of anything”, confesses the CEO of the production company Fremantle Spain, Nathalie García, who explains the complications involved in recording a format of this type to which participants come from all over the country.

Recorded in the middle of the pandemic, it had two theaters on Madrid’s Gran Vía and the verdict of the public on the set

Precisely, the coronavirus has also modified the mechanics of the program, in which the last galas are usually live and have the vote of the spectators to decide the winner of the edition. As has happened with other competing ‘talents’, such as ‘La Voz’ (Antena 3), the Telecinco space has been recorded at once to avoid the absence of participants and avoid the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Everything is recorded. We couldn’t risk it by not knowing the issue date. The public on the set is the one who has decided the winner ”, comments the head of the production company. The winner will win a prize of 25,000 euros

However, the health crisis has also served as an opportunity for ‘Got Talent’ to be able to have other profiles of contestants who had never before been seen in the contest because they were paralyzed by covid-19, as professionals in the circus sector.

“They are barbaric things that are going to be seen,” says Dani Martínez, one of the judges of the program along with the canante Edurne, the presenter Risto Mejide and the comic Paz Padilla. In addition, for the first time, the ‘talent show’ chose its applicants through a telematic and remote ‘casting’, as was the case previously. The singer points out that “talent and culture have united us” in confinement. “And ‘Got Talent’ is part of that,” says the Madrilenian, while ensuring that the sixth edition will return to “surprise” with what it will be able to see on stage.

Of course, Edurne, who learned the news of her pregnancy during the recordings and kept it a secret, explains that she will continue to be “very emotional” because she is a “very sensitive person”, although she will continue to make her assessments in the “most affectionate way possible”.

Paz Padilla’s break

For her part, Paz Padilla joined the format later, during the semifinals. She had dedicated herself to taking care of her husband, Antonio Juan Vidal, before he passed away at the age of 53 due to a brain tumor. «I want to thank my bosses for reserving my space. The easy thing would have been to replace me, but they told me to take the time I needed, ”the actress gratefully reveals.

«I have been a little soft, very sensitive. ‘Got Talent’ is wonderful and it made me want to live, because it showed me that life is wonderful, “reveals the

also host of ‘Sálvame’. He stresses that in the new installments there will be stories of overcoming in which “the pandemic has marked a lot and will not leave anyone indifferent.”

For Risto Mejide, “it is the best show on television.” “We have no idea what the contestants are going to do. And they end up surprising, for better and for worse, “says the ever demanding jury.

In its sixth edition, the program has faced its most complicated recording, with restrictions and sanitary protocols for the almost 300 people who work in the team. In addition to renting two large theaters to give space to the activities of the ‘talent show’, Mediaset and the production company Fremantle have ensured the presence of the public in two groups that took turns in the recordings, occupying one of every four seats and leaving three seats free among them.


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