“Humor is a way of getting air in life”

Leticia Dolera and Manuel Burque, yesterday at the Iberseries Platino Industria Festival, where they presented the new season of ‘Perfect Life’. / RC

Movistar + presents the last season of ‘Perfect Life’, the series created by Leticia Dolera that premieres on November 19

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The second and last season of ‘Perfect Life’ lands with a greater dose of existentialism than the first round. From learning those mistakes that reappear and the achievement of a happiness that does not always arrive as we expected. «We have learned to travel that life is not going to turn you once, but that it may be turning all the time. And you have to learn to live together, because perfection does not exist ”, reflects the creator and director of the fiction, Leticia Dolera. The premiere of the six new chapters will be on November 19, as announced yesterday by Movistar + within the framework of the inauguration of the Iberseries Platino Industria (IPI) festival, which is being held these days in Madrid.

After the push that life gave to the protagonists of the series, María, Cris and Esther, the new plots of the second season are going to move through “what comes right after the swerve”, after a pregnancy, a crisis couple, work, personal or vital, where one must “make decisions, mature and learn that life is like that.”

Manuel Burque, who signs the script with Dolera, assures that this season has been “very hard to do because it was difficult for us to write it.” “Due to vital circumstances we have put more existentialism,” adds the comedian, who explains that the situation derived from the pandemic “has also been transmitted to the series.” “I have laughed a lot, but I think we wrote it as a drama. It is very different from the first one, “he says.

“Things are not so easy to change, if not, we would all be much happier”

The first chapters of fiction, Burque stresses, “pushed the characters out of the oppression they had to live a perfect life.” However, in the new ones they have realized that it is “false” that people “learn and life continues from that learning.” «I write commercial movies in which the characters end up very happy and everything ends perfectly. But this is not the case, “he emphasizes. “We must show honesty with our own life. Things are not so easy to change, otherwise we would all be much happier, “he says.

The production, yes, will return to pull comedy to show what is traditionally tried to show as serious and dark. «Humor gave us a break so as not to fall into a well of existentialism, reflection and depression. It is a way of taking a breath in life ”, explains Dolera. «You have to learn to mix things up. You can talk about depression and disability, and use comedy and thriller. There are other ways that are not the drama, because these people do not live continuously in dramatic situations “, maintains the also presenter of ‘Radio Gaga’.

Dolera says that he began to write the last season with the aim of “being faithful to the protagonists and keeping up with three”. They proposed to do new chapters and she hesitated at first: “It all depended on whether I really feel that there is a path for the protagonists that is worth exploring.” And the actress found it to address issues that little dare to speak, such as anxiety pictures of women after childbirth, the demystification of motherhood or the difficulty of a couple to “rekindle a relationship.”

Dolera, who plays María in the series, faces that “so idealized motherhood” that does not go as expected and goes to therapy to feel good. The creator of ‘Perfect Life’ went to a psychologist to try to better address this type of situation. «It was interesting because I understood things about the protagonist. In the sessions I started as María and ended up as Leticia », she says. “I do not have concrete answers to existential questions, but asking myself these questions through the characters helps me feel less alone and understand others,” she confesses.

Aimed at six hands

Life also turns for Cris (Celia Freijero) after a crisis with her partner that they are now trying to save with “dynamics of co-responsibility, co-education and more egalitarian conciliation” in which they sign “different sex-affective pacts.” But we wanted to be realistic. It is not easy, although in theory it seems simple, “he says. Also for Esther (Aixa Villagran), who “wants to grow up” and meets a new girl “with whom she tries to overcome her fear of commitment and lead a normal life.”

The first season of ‘Perfect Life’ achieved significant recognition from audiences, critics and festivals such as Canneseries, which made it the best series and recognized the three protagonists with the performance award. The directors Lucía Alemany (‘La innocencia’, two Goya nominations) and Irene Moray (‘Suc de Síndria’, Goya to the fiction short film) direct two episodes of the fiction.


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