Humorist Susy López was the victim of a violent robbery in Bogotá

López related to the program ‘La Red’, by Caracol Televisión, who was in a stationery store near his home in Bogotá, when he realized that some suspicious men wanted to rob them.

So he took his 16-year-old son Santiago by the hand and told him to leave. However, by that time the criminals had already entered the premises and pretending that they were going to buy some cigarettes, they stood in the door and wouldn’t let them out, indicated the humorist to the gossip show.

“They wouldn’t let us out. So there you already know that it’s your turn. One took out a pistol and a revolver and put it here (on the cheek) and the other took out a knife and put it in my son’s stomach. They asked my son for the cell phone ”, Susy López explained to ‘La Red’.

But her son did not have the cell phone at the time, so there was a word crossing with the thief who had the white weapon. Then, the humorist relates, her son threw himself at one of the criminals for trying to defend her.


“I was amazed, but what made me react was knowing what was happening with Santiago. I stood in front of him and gave them my cell phone and my silver very quiet”López added in the Caracol Television program.

However, the thief who had the knife had been upset with Santiago and “wanted to attack him“, so that Susy stood between him and the criminals so that he did nothing to her, meanwhile she continued to bear the threats very calmly and to put the revolver in her face. Fortunately, the robbers left and did not attack them.

“That night I told Santi to sleep with me, hugged him, took his stomach, thinking that suddenly I would have had to be in a clinic. So many things could happen, I cried a lot and I thanked God because he protected our lives, ”the humorist from Happy Saturdays told ‘La Red’.

Finally, Susy reported the events through the Police website and he indicated that he remembers the criminals’ faces very well because “they were so smart” and they took off their masks to commit the crime. He also recognized that “they were not colombian”.


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