“Hunan Province Novel Coronavirus Infection Severe Treatment Plan (Trial)” Released-Focus Today- Hunan Online

Huasheng Online, January 1st (correspondent Cao Xuanxuan, reporter Deng Guiming) On December 31, 2022, entrusted by the Hunan Provincial Health and Health Commission and led by the Hunan Provincial Critical Care Medicine Quality Control Center of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, the “Hunan Province Novel Coronavirus Treatment Plan for Severe Infection (Trial)” released.

This version of the plan is suitable for the treatment of severe and critical cases of new coronary pneumonia and critical cases of basic diseases combined with new crown infection. The classification of new crown virus infection is defined to facilitate medical institutions at all levels to identify and improve the classification of new crown patients after admission as soon as possible. At the same time, it provides detailed indicators and treatment standards for the admission and transfer of patients in the new crown ICU and convertible ICU (sub-severe ward), as well as the treatment plan for severe cases of new coronary pneumonia. It also proposes daily ward rounds for the monitoring and evaluation of patients with severe new crown infections. Checklist, warning of severe and critical illness.

It is reported that after receiving the task on the evening of December 27, 2022, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University immediately organized a team of experts, led by Professor Zhang Lina and Associate Researcher Peng Qianyi, with reference to domestic and foreign guidelines, consensus, clinical research databases, and large-scale clinical research evidence. Adhering to the principles of evidence-based, concise, and highly operable, the first draft was written on the evening of the 28th. Zhu Yimin, deputy director of the Provincial Health and Health Commission, convened a manuscript review seminar and invited critical care experts from the Second Xiangya Hospital, the Third Xiangya Hospital, the Provincial People’s Hospital, and the Fourth Changsha Hospital to discuss, and received strong support and encouragement from the invited experts. After review and revision by the participating experts, the first version of the trial draft was submitted on the evening of December 29. The program aims to improve the understanding of doctors in the intensive care unit on the new coronavirus infection and its critical illness, provide a reference for clinical decision-making on the treatment of severe new coronary pneumonia, promote standardized diagnosis and treatment, and improve the level of severe treatment of new coronavirus infection in Hunan Province.

(First trial: Jiang Jun Second trial: Lu Xiaowei Third trial: Xie Feng)

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