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In Barcelona have several hundred thousand
Supporters of an independence of Catalonia demonstrated. They ran through the center of the Catalan capital, waving theirs
National flags and shouted "freedom for political prisoners".
According to police, about 350,000 people participated in the
Protests by condemning prominent representatives of the Catalan
Independence movement were triggered.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered on Saturday evening, also near the
Headquarters of the police. They threw the police with them
Bangers and beverage cans and cursed the forces as
"Sons of Franco" in reference to the dictator Francisco Franco, who
Spain ruled until 1975 with a hard hand.

Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and the Cultural Association Omnium had
to the demonstration against "the suppression by the Spanish
State "and called for" freedom. "On October 14 had
Spain's Supreme Court imprisonment of up to 13 years against seven regional politicians and
two activists – the former leaders of "ANC" and "Omnium Cultural" – because of
their role in the illegal divisional referendum in 2017. Since then it came in Catalonia repeatedly
violent clashes between protesters and the police, nearly 600
People were injured.

Catalonia – violence during protests in Barcelona
There have been violent clashes during demonstrations in Barcelona. The police used tear gas.
© Photo: Reuters / Albert Gea

At a meeting with more than 700
Mayors, who also participated in the protest, said the separatist
Regional President Quim Torra: "There is no way to independence
Back! "With the rally one wants to make it clear that" there is no judgment that gives us
to give up our goal: independence, "it said in the
Call of ANC, The separatists of the region in the northeast of Spain demand the
Release the condemned and denounce the "oppression by the
Spanish State ".

Madrid does not want to talk to separatists

The socialist central government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez refuses
meanwhile, continue to talk to the separatists. Torra must
before expressly condemning the recent violence, it was said.

Catalans are deep in the question of Catalonia's independence from Spain
split. Surveys say about 44 percent of respondents favor one
Spain, while more than 48 percent oppose it. For Sunday
a rally of the opponents of independence is planned.

Before two
Years the independence movement took off, as on 1 October 2017
against the will Madrid held a referendum and for a short while even the
Independence of Catalonia was proclaimed. The
Central government in Madrid continued the autonomy of the region in the northeast
Spain then suspended and suspended the regional government of their office.
Regional President Carles Puigdemont fled into exile and eluded the
Law enforcement in Spain. The conflict plunged Spain into one of the hardest
political crises of the past decades.

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