Hungary and Poland, open to support the EU Budgets

The community capitals breathed confidence yesterday that the leaders of the EU manage to find in the European Council that starts this Thursday and ends tomorrow Friday a formula for Poland and Hungary to unblock the Budget for the next seven years and the implementation of the European fund of recovery hanging from it. The formula in which the German presidency works would revolve around an interpretative statement, either in a separate document or in the Council’s conclusions, to guarantee to the two countries that the regulation that conditions the distribution of aid –750,000 euros– respecting the rule of law will be applied “in the most objective way possible” and there will be “no political bias”, in the words of the Spanish Secretary of State for the EU, Juan González-Barba, to Europa Press.

This optimism was fueled by statements made last Tuesday by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who stated that the agreement was “one centimeter” away from taking place. The Polish Deputy Prime Minister, Jaroslaw Gowin, joined the same approach of approximation of positions yesterday, speaking of “an agreement”.

The objective is for Warsaw and Budapest to vote in favor of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the decision to increase own resources so that the European Commission can borrow on the markets in order to collect the funds that will be delivered to the Member States. Both issues require unanimity from the Twenty-seven, not the regulation on the need to safeguard the democratic quality of the partners, which is approved by a qualified majority and it is ruled out that Poland and Hungary will support it.

González-Barba pointed out that both can always choose to file an annulment appeal. And he also made it clear that there is no concern that conditionality may be imposed on other countries: “There is no fear at all; It is something that we all do because we all want additional control of the maintenance of the rule of law.

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