Hungary – Viktor Orban’s party wants to ban the “promotion” of homosexuality


This desire to prohibit the “promotion” of homosexuality among minors comes in a context of hardening of Orban’s policy.

In December 2020, the Hungarian Parliament adopted a legislative package enshrining the traditional notion of family and “gender” in the Constitution and de facto prohibiting adoption by same-sex couples.


The party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban tabled legislative amendments on Thursday aimed at prohibiting the “promotion” of homosexuality or sex reassignment among minors, according to a text published on the Parliament’s website.

Five NGOs, including Amnesty International and Budapest Pride, immediately denounced, in a press release, “this new proposal” by Fidesz, similar to the Russian law which punishes any act of homosexual “propaganda” aimed at the youngest, they accuse.

In practice, educational programs or advertisements by large groups in solidarity with gays and lesbians, such as that of Coca-Cola, which in 2019 sparked calls for a boycott, would no longer be authorized, according to the 11-page document. consulted by AFP. Ditto for books on the subject, such as the collection of tales and legends defrauding homosexuality which had drawn the wrath of power in the fall of 2020.

Offensive anti-LGBT

If these clauses are adopted, “freedom of expression and children’s rights would be severely restricted”, warned the NGOs, accusing Hungary of “copying dictatorial models that go against European values” to Hungary. . “The government is turning against its own citizens by following the example of Russia and China,” they asserted.

The amendments in question are part of an arsenal of measures against pedophilia, an amalgam denounced by the independent website Telex. These include the creation of a publicly accessible database of convicted persons, or their ban from certain professions.

This new anti-LGBT offensive comes against a backdrop of hardening of the politics of Viktor Orban, who brandishes loud and clear what he sees as traditional Christian values ​​and promotes a cultural “new era”. In December 2020, Parliament adopted a legislative package incorporating the traditional notion of family and “gender” into the Constitution and de facto prohibiting adoption by same-sex couples.


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