Hunger Games: The True Meaning of The Hanging Tree Song Revealed

After the story of Tigris, it’s the turn of another mystery of the saga Hunger Games to be resolved. Indeed, the last novel by Suzanne Colins published on May 19 and entitled The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes has finally revealed the true meaning behind the song “The Hanging Tree”. This is the ride performed by Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in Hunger Games, the Revolt Part 1. A title that quickly turned into a war song to rally all the supporters of the revolt against Panem. A sort of melancholy refrain that has also quickly become iconic within the community of fans of the dystopian saga. As proof, shortly after the film was released at the cinema, the song rose to the coveted Billboard Hot 100.

The new novel by Suzanne Colins therefore tells of the youth of President Snow, 64 years before the events of the trilogy we know. The opportunity to learn more behind the scenes of the Hunger Games and the life of the one who will become the future tyrant of Panem. Indeed, we learn that the latter fell in love with a young participant named Lucy Gray and from District 12 (just like Katniss) during his very first games as a mentor. A passionate but unfortunately impossible love that will end up deeply hurting Snow. In a second time, we also learn that it is this famous Lucy Gray who wrote the song “The Hanging Tree “, inspired by the tragic hanging of a rebel named Arlo. The latter accused of having killed three people is then punished with death and finds himself hanged on a tree in District 12, before the eyes of his lover and accomplice Lil, begging him to flee.

Snow has a particular connection with the song The Hanging Tree

At that time, Lucy Gray who is also part of the rebels is in the audience. Just like Snow who converted to a Peacekeeper (after his dismissal from Hunger Games for cheating) and must therefore ensure the maintenance of order during this event. Lucy Gray deeply shocked by what she sees then decides to put her sentence on paper, which gives birth to “The Hanging Tree“. A ride that Snow will then end up not hating, the latter then reminding him of the wounds of his former youthful love. By interpreting this song, Katniss does not suspect a single second of what it represents for the president of Panem. And for good reason, beyond the simple affront, it is a real torture for him to hear this song which reminds him of his fallen love. An astonishing revelation which therefore adds a new dramatic dimension to the intrigue of the saga. A boomerang effect which undoubtedly recalls the relentless return of karma! Also discover which actor would be perfect to embody Snow in the prequel toHunger Games.


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