Hunger strike for undocumented migrants: DéFI’s three proposals to get out of the crisis

Since the opposition, the amaranths have proposed to anchor clear criteria for regularization in the law. “The DeFI bill rejected in June by the Vivaldi, asks only to be used”, they underline. So far, Secretary of State for Asylum Sammy Mahdi has opposed such an option, deeming regularization a favor and not a right.

For DéFI, the fact of being a hunger striker cannot be considered as a criterion because this would immediately generate an explosion of actions and would amount to encouraging this mode of action. On the other hand, the government could accept, on a temporary basis, that the covid be considered as an exceptional circumstance justifying an individual regularization. “Because objectively if a pandemic is not an exceptional reason that can explain that one does not go home to make a request, one wonders what factor could be”, underlines the party.

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