Hunt for those responsible: Fioramonti reappears

The Conte tris is an option on the table. Matteo Renzi does not move back: the two ministers of Italia Viva, Teresa Bellanova (Agriculture) and Elena Bonetti (Family), do not participate in the Council of Ministers, officially opening the crisis in the Giallorossi majority. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has already made it known that he considers absence an act of distrust towards the executive. The road seems marked: the Prime Minister should go up to the Colle to resign in the hands of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. Two options: the return to early elections (invoked by the Democratic Party) or the birth of the Conte tris with a new majority without the support of the Renzians. It is on the second hypothesis that the head of the executive and the ministers (Dario Franceschini and Vincenzo Spadafora above all) have been working for days in the search for those responsible. Hypothesis confirmed by a dem minister who explains: “At this point, one step away from breaking the majority, those responsible for the opposition should come out of the closet”. Scenario hypothesized by Matteo Renzi in the direct evening on Facebook: «Dear Prime Minister, if you want to open the crisis, open the crisis. Italia viva asked you something else ». The Renzians bet on this perspective. “The Democratic Party and Conte – explains a big man from Italy alive – are working to throw us out. Might as well clarify the situation immediately.

Conte, after his resignation in the hands of the head of state, could ask for some time to verify the existence of a new majority. Solution that would not convince the Quirinale, called to bless the third government in just two years of legislature. But the prime minister wants to try the (desperate) move in order not to give up Palazzo Chigi. Numbers come into play. Italia viva has 29 deputies and 17 senators. The rock is Palazzo Madama. Under observation some representatives of Forza Italia who in the past weeks had leaked the possibility of supporting the government. We look at the senators close to Voce libera, an association founded by the ex minister Mara Carfagna. However, he denies: “We are not available”. Senator Massimo Malegni, Sandra Lonardo Mastella, Paola Binetti, Andrea Cangini, Andrea Causin Antonio De Poli, Gaetano Quagliariello, Paolo Romani and Luigi Vitali ended up on Conte’s notebook. But the surprise could be another: a group of senators would be ready to give up Italy alive by joining the patrol of those responsible. The hypothesis of going to early elections (with little possibility of re-election) terrifies the Renzian senators. And so Conte could fish responsible precisely in the ranks of Renzi’s party. The names of Gelsomina Vono and Donatella Conzatti are mentioned. The leaders of the leaders in the Chamber are Gianfranco Rotondi and Renata Polverini. They deny it. But they wink at Conte tris. As the ex-minister and ex-grillino Lorenzo Fioramonti is doing, in these days very active in contacts with the old party companions most afraid of the hypothesis of early elections.

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