Hurricane Ida makes landfall in Cuba and now threatens Louisiana

The people of Louisiana are bracing for the worst. Hurricane Ida made landfall Friday evening August 27 on the southwest coast of Cuba, accompanied by strong winds and heavy precipitation. The hurricane is then expected to strengthen as it moves up towards Louisiana, in the United States, where it could become “extremely dangerous”.

Ida is currently moving northwest at a speed of 24 km / h. In Cuba, the winds and rains caused by the hurricane caused only minor damage to agriculture and to houses whose roofs were torn off. By touching the province of Pinar del Rio, it hit the current epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic on the island, whose health system has been shaken by an explosion of cases in recent weeks.

For its part, Louisiana is preparing to face this hurricane, expected Sunday, as the 16th anniversary of one of the most violent weather episodes in the region approaches: Katrina. Hurricane Ida could then climb from category 1 (its current level) to category 4, on a scale that has 5, according to the latest bulletin of the American Hurricane Center (NHC).

He could then become “a major hurricane”, potentially carrying winds of more than 200 km / h, the NHC warned. Joe Biden on Friday approved a declaration of a state of emergency for Louisiana to bring a “federal assistance” preparation efforts, voluntary and mandatory evacuation orders having been issued in some places.

“The president will follow this situation closely and will be kept informed of developments during the weekend”, said the spokeswoman for the White House. “It is an extreme challenge for our State”, said the governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards, while his state is currently facing a new outbreak of Covid-19, which brings hospitals to their knees.

“It’s time for the people of Louisiana to prepare”, urged the governor in a statement, specifying that by Saturday evening, each resident should be in a safe shelter. “Make sure you and your family are prepared for any eventuality.”

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