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The Bank of Bogota released a package of measures aimed at supporting clients and collaborators living in Providencia, a population that was greatly affected by the passage of Hurricane Iota.

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To begin with, the bank will assume the reconstruction of the homes of its employees, destroyed by the hurricane, and the sanitary and electrical installations necessary for connection to public services.

The infrastructure will comply with the Colombian Standard for Earthquake Resistance. This initiative will be made possible thanks to the support of the National Government, with the leadership of the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory.

The Bank of Bogota He reacted immediately to help his collaborators and suppliers, as well as their affected families, and on Friday, November 20, he sent humanitarian assistance to alleviate their primary needs, through kits for bed, food, clothing and hygiene.

For clients who live in Providencia, the entity will offer financial relief tailored to their needs. In that order of ideas, it will offer face-to-face care in 2021 so that, when the client considers it, new credit conditions can be agreed, in line with the reality of each family and company.

In addition, the Bank It will exempt from commission charges transactions made at Red Aval ATMs and withdrawals at bank correspondents within the island, as well as national consignments and transfers destined for Providencia during the next three months, in order to favor the resources that will be received for the recovery of the infrastructure of Providencia.

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Alejandro Figueroa, president of Banco de Bogotá, He assured that “at Banco de Bogotá we always watch over the well-being of our collaborators, that is why we react quickly to help meet the basic needs of those affected in Providencia. We will make sure to return their lost homes with the best quality standards ”.

For its part, Julio Rojas Sarmiento, Executive Vice President of Banco de Bogotá, He noted that “we reiterate our commitment to the Colombians affected by the winter wave. We will accompany our clients, people and companies, collaborators and suppliers who are going through this very difficult time after the passage of Hurricane Iota, through solutions to alleviate their cash flows and aid in kind in search of their well-being ”.

Banco de Bogotá, a subsidiary of Grupo Aval, Committed to supporting its stakeholders, it will continue to generate new initiatives for the care of Colombians affected by the winter wave.

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