Hurricane Nora makes landfall near Puerto Vallarta and threatens tourist areas of Baja California


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By The Associated Press

Hurricane Nora, which had formed this Saturday off the Mexican coast in the Pacific Ocean, made landfall tonight near the Puerto Vallarta area, Mexico, in a trajectory that threatens to meet tourist resorts at the end of the peninsula. from Baja California.

Mexican authorities had reported no human casualties or substantial material damage as of the end of Saturday.

The meteor had maximum sustained winds of 130 km / h (80 mph) by Saturday morning, with tropical storm force winds spanning a radius of 260 kilometers (160 miles) at some points. Its vortex was located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) south-southwest of Puerto Vallarta and was heading north at 22 km / h (14 mph).

The storm’s extensive field of winds and heavy rains means that much of Mexico’s central and northern Pacific coast could experience floods, mudslides and dangerous waves even if the center of the hurricane does not pass through there.

The weakened remnants of the meteor could even leave rain in the southwestern United States, the Great Basin and the central Rocky Mountains next week, according to the weather forecast.

The tracking forecast from the U.S. National Hurricane Center showed Nora crossing the bay that protects Puerto Vallarta at night and then cruising along the coast directly into the narrow Gulf of California, possibly passing very close to the Los Cabos resort resorts. Mazatlán will also be close to its trajectory.

Nora is expected to start weakening midweek as she heads north toward the Arizona border.

The National Hurricane Center warned that some areas of the east coast of Mexico could receive between 20 and 30 centimeters (eight to 12 inches) of rain, with isolated peaks higher.

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