Husky Farm Confiscation: Emigrated to Sweden, Owes over 23,000 Francs to Canton of Bern

2023-06-07 20:09:09

Confiscated dogs

Emigrated to Sweden, he owes more than 23,000 francs to the canton of Bern

In 2018, the Veterinary Office of the Canton of Bern had to confiscate 34 dogs from the owner of a husky farm. Having left for Sweden since, the man claims to be destitute.


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Five years ago, a husky owner left Emmental for Sweden. Objective: to realize his dream of opening a husky farm in the Far North. But all is not rosy, according to theBerner Zeitung“. Indeed, in 2018, the man had disputes with the canton of Bern. As he owned too many dogs under the law, the Cantonal Veterinary Office had to intervene to confiscate, vaccinate, castrate and replace 34 huskies.

Total cost of the operation: 36,940.90 francs. Some of the dogs could be resold for 13,700 francs. The owner thus owes 23,240.90 francs to the Veterinary Office. Informed in February by e-mail, he let it be known that he was aware of the decision while adding that he was destitute and therefore could not pay.

Questioned by our German-speaking colleagues, the Veterinary Office declared that “there will be no recovery of this amount abroad”. But if the man ever returns to Switzerland, he will have to check out.

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