Hussein Al Jasmi on his participation in the Dhofar Festival in Amman: The longing for you is great

Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi announced the location and date of his next concert, explaining that he will participate in the Dhofar Autumn Festival in Amman, through his account on the Instagram video and photo exchange site.

Hussein Al Jasmi’s next concert

Al Jasmi published the poster for the ceremony, commenting on him: “The longing for you is great, and our love precedes us to the dear Sultanate of Oman, and God willing, our next Arab station will be between our people and our loved ones in Salalah at the Dhofar Autumn Festival on Al-Morouj Theater on Thursday, August 11, 2022.”

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Hussein Al Jasmi concert in Amman

A few days ago, the artist Hussein Al Jasmi revived a successful concert in Amman, raising the slogan of the full number, as tickets for the concert ran out a few hours after it was announced, and Hussein Al Jasmi was keen to promote the concert, through his account on the video and photo exchange site “Instagram”, saying: “Jordan is in the heart of our tour.” Al-Arabiya to meet the public continues.. Today, we are all longing and loving to meet our loved ones, the dear Jordanian public, in the city of Amman on the evening of July 29, 2022 at the exhibition grounds, Airport Road.. The joy is complete with you.”

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