hydroxychloroquine, return, authorized under certain conditions

A return requested by Prof. Raoult and refused by the National Agency for Health and Medicines, decried by other doctors with increasingly marked links of interest with the pharmaceutical industry! The Ministry of Health authorizes general practitioners to prescribe hydroxychloroquine while specifying that its effectiveness has not been demonstrated and that it will not be reimbursed. This follows the intentions of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).

The debate over hydroxy chloroquine is gaining new momentum. The Ministry of Health has just announced in a press release that his prescription was now authorized by general practitioners. Previously, only the hospital was authorized to prescribe this drug in the case of Covid. However it is sling and belt on the Ministry of Health side by seeing only one side of the studies, as at the SPILF (French-speaking infectious pathologies company) whose president Franck Tattevin told us, in circulate mode it does not Nothing to see :

“This debate is irrelevant now that all the randomized controlled studies have shown the same thing: the lack of benefit. Apart from a few diehards, no one thinks it helps patients anymore. We must move on to more important subjects! “

However, a press release from the Health Department goes in the opposite and precise direction:

“Non-Marketing Authorization (marketing authorization) prescriptions must remain exceptional and in the interests of patients, in the absence of an appropriate therapeutic drug alternative, and only if they are considered essential for the improvement or stabilization of the clinical condition. Moreover, they can only be done on a case-by-case basis and not in a systematic or generalized manner and taking into account the data acquired from science. However, the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of patients with covid-19 has not been established according to the scientific literature. “

One way to keep saying, “you can do it but at your own risk.” The drug will not be reimbursed if it is used for covid. At no time does the Health Department look at studies in favor of hydroxychloroquine. Recall that Professor Raoult has challenged this decision in court because it seems to him contrary to the interests of patients.

Some Polynesian doctors have already experienced it, such as Dr. Erik Covic, a general practitioner who treated himself in August with hydroxychloroquine to treat covid 19. Since then, he has also treated all his relatives who asked him. Today, his patients at risk are also entitled to it. Despite mixed results, he observed marked improvements in some cases.

This improvement has been observed by Italian and Brazilian doctors, and in many other countries where the prohibition of prescribing has never been in place. Let us not forget that the IHU of Prof. Raoult favors a triple therapy from azithromicyne, zinc and hydroxychloroquine. Polynesia is indeed in France so we can bet that based on the principle of non-breaking of equality a more marked step from the Minister of Health could be expected.

A step aside from the ministry, a step forward for doctors and their patients.

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