“Hygiene agents should be put in place”

– Why Doctor: While we are experiencing a second wave and a new confinement, you denounce the lack of pedagogy. The measures taken by the government do not seem sufficient to you?

Dr Luc Duquesnel : We gargle because we are the country where we do the most tests. I want to say “so what? “. We are going to get tested like we are going to buy our wand and that will not prevent some who are asymptomatic and who risk being negative with the new antigenic tests from going to contaminate grandpa and grandma!

We missed the deconfinement of the first wave to find ourselves in today’s situation: we have not taught people to live with the virus. Everyone is living this crisis, and even more since the reconfinement, as a period of constraint, and we are only waiting for one thing, and that is for us to open the doors of the stable to be able to leap outside!

Rather than insisting on negative measures, the challenge today should be to prepare for deconfinement and not to mess up like last time. As we left, we will go straight towards a third wave!

– But then, what should be done to avoid this third wave?

Dr L.D. : We should be more educator on hygiene and prevention, have positive messages, take incentive measures on how we learn to live with the Covid. But we are not in a country where prevention has an important place in our health system. And we are paying a high price for that.

– These preventive measures, who should remember their importance?

Dr L.D. : Who are those involved in prevention? Already liberal health professionals, doctors, pharmacists, nurses and all those working in the field. The government recalled their central role in this health crisis. But we are going to do tests while elementary hygiene measures are not taken! Health professionals are listened to by the French. We are very bad at pedagogy by not relying on them enough. And then it is also necessary to rely on local communities who have initiatives to take: it would be necessary to set up hygiene officers where there is passage, crowds, this would also create jobs. !

At home, in Mayenne, things are being done: for example, here, the mayor has set up the market. People line up, respect the distance, but in the end it’s very positive because we will still go shopping, and there are agents who remind us of the measures to be respected. This is positive prevention when we are too often in negative prevention, prohibitions, sanctions … We will not get out like that! If we work on preventive measures, there will be no third wave and no third confinement!

– As the end of year celebrations approach, how can we hope to experience them without too many constraints and without risking a resumption of contamination?

Dr L.D. : You just have to take precautions if you have people at home: simple measures, disinfect the door handles, do not get too close to the elderly, maybe actually test yourself if you think you are can be contaminating … Instead, we close the nursing homes so that we do not go see our elders!


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