HypeArt announces collaboration with pioneer digital artist FVCKRENDER to create the first NFT creation

FVCKRENDER Will cooperate with HypeArt to create HYPEBEAST’s first NFT project, which is inspired by the cover of the HYPEBEAST paper magazine. The work titled “FVCK_HYPEBEAST//”, the artist created this new CG creation featuring crystal flowers, with the words “HYPEBEAST” on the digital cover. The joint multiplication this time also marks the collaboration between the publishing media and global avant-garde contemporary artists s inception.

FVCKRENDER, whose original name is Frederic Duquette, was an avant-garde digital artist from Montreal, Canada, famous for his alien-themed 3D architectural geometry works. The artist uses various tools in Cinema 4D software to create futuristic style scenes, crystal combinations and various unreal renderings. Frederic Duquette started to create digital projects only five years ago, but he has created a large number of works and business-based project cases, especially in the field of NFT.

This only NFT artwork will be exclusively available from October 29th to November 5th HypeArt It will be auctioned and listed on OpenSea. The reserve price will start from 1 ETH. Interested readers may wish to pay more attention.

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