Hyun Bin is addicted to gambling and the child is divorced right after birth? Son Ye-jin’s Company: Taking Tough Measures | Entertainment | CTWANT

Hyun Bin and Sun Yezhen’s sweet marriage is still vivid in my memory, but they were rumored to be divorced unexpectedly, which caused the brokerage companies of both parties to refute it. (Picture / flip from Korean.com)

Korean star Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin just welcomed the birth of their first baby, but news of their divorce came out unexpectedly. It was revealed that the two had agreed to divorce on the 15th. Such news is widely circulated on YouTube, and many netizens even believe that the brokerage companies of both parties have also responded strongly to this, denouncing such fake news and will take legal measures.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were rumored to be divorcing, the brokerage company sternly refuted the news of divorce and gambling. (Picture / flip from Korean.com)

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin got married because of their cooperation in many dramas. They did not expect that they would welcome the crystallization of love not long after they were newly married. Now it is rumored that Hyun Bin loves gambling overseas, which caused Son Ye Jin’s property to be damaged. Therefore, they agreed to divorce on the 15th, and even South Korea Netizens left a message saying that they saw the message about Hyun Bin gambling or getting divorced.

This kind of news was reposted frantically through the Internet, and the brokerage companies of both parties came forward to respond to this matter. ESteem Entertainment, Son Ye-jin’s management company, said, “The spread of fake news on YouTube is serious. In addition to reporting channels, we are sorting out information for future legal action. We will also organize and take legal action against fake news that crosses the border.”

Hyun Bin’s company, VAST Entertainment, also stated, “Neither the divorce rumors nor the gambling rumors are true. We plan to take legal action on this matter. We will do everything we can to monitor such fake news from time to time.”

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