Hyundai buys Boston Dynamics for nearly $ 1 billion

Boston Dynamics, the US robotics specialist, is leaving SoftBank to land at Hyundai. The South Korean group has indeed just taken an 80% stake in the company as part of an agreement reached between 735 and 830 million dollars. If Boston Dynamics has often been talked about for its robot dog Spot or its impressive bipedal robot Atlas, it is obviously the company’s know-how in robotic arms and automation that primarily interests Hyundai, which should use it to continue to develop its industrial production lines.

Hyundai chairman Chung Eui-sun also highlighted three areas where his company expects to be competitive in the future and where the integration of Boston Dynamics should help: autonomous vehicles, delivery robots and drones. In total, robotics is expected to represent 20% of Hyundai’s business in the future, air mobility 30% and automobiles 50%. A diversification which is clearly one of the challenges taken head-on by the new CEO. This announcement marks the end of SoftBank’s ambitions in robotics, even though billionaire Masayoshi Son relied a lot on this growth lever.

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