Hyundai hires Boston Dynamics robots as night guards

Spot, the famous robot dog from Boston Dynamics has found a new job at Hyundai.

After trying his hand at dancing, parkour and weapon handling, Spot the robot dog from Boston Dynamics has just landed a new job, that of “Factory Safety Service Robot”. Acquired at the end of last year by Hyundai, the company had never hidden wanting to develop its activities and its ambitions. After the first successful tests in a Kia factory, the robot star was thus offered a nice promotion: that of safety inspector in a Hyundai Motor Group production line.

Spot pass night watchman

In a video published by Hyundai, we discover the robot dog of Boston Dynamics in his new role of night watchman. For the occasion, the quadruped offers itself some physical transformations. Now equipped with a backpack and several technical upgrades, ranging from the thermal camera with LiDAR sensor, Spot also offers itself new resources, particularly in terms of AI management. The machine is now capable, in addition to its usual skills, of detect the presence of a human to alert his masters, but also to monitor the surrounding temperatures, and so to prevent the risk of industrial fires. A secure platform also allows company employees to monitor the robot remotely, and if necessary, take control to inspect a specific area in more detail.

So many developments that could allow Boston Dynamics to diversify its activities in the field of industry. If for the moment, the uses of the brand’s robots had mainly prevailed in the fields of the army and entertainment, the acquisition of the brand by the manufacturer Hyundai could be a game-changer.

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