Hyundai launches its 100% electric line under the Ioniq brand

It was fatal. The success of the latest Hyundai models devoted to hybridization and now to all-electric confirms this path. The proliferation of models of this nature and the technological and marketing differences with thermal models, prompt the Korean to group all its future battery models under a new label: Ioniq.

This is already the name of a model and, he recalls, of the program that preceded it, focused on long-term research and development on transport solutions that respect the environment. From this work was born in 2016 the first model, baptized Ioniq naturally, contraction of “ion” and “unique”. Unique, it was, because it was the only model in the world to offer three types of electrified powertrains on the same platform: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and 100% electric.

Not such a wide range with this future range which will be based on an “E-GMP” modular electric platform totally dedicated to batteries. It will allow rapid recharging and great autonomy. But not only that, because this specialized design will make it possible to overcome the constraints of the traditional interior architecture of vehicles.

Gloves in the drawer

Enthusiastic, Hyundai talks about a true “smart living space”, thanks to seats with multiple adjustments, wireless connectivity and exclusive equipment, such as a glove box in the form of drawers. In fact, we have already seen this elsewhere and it is above all the space allocated to each passenger that should make the difference.

Hyundai Prophecy, a demonstration of mastery of style

Three models will quickly be offered under a variation of figures inspired by the methods of German manufacturers. Sedans have even numbers, SUVs odd numbers which will give rise from the start of 2021 to IONIQ 5, an SUV as its number indicates. Based on the electric concept “45”, unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 2019, this tribute to Hyundai’s very first concept car inaugurates the Ioniq identity obtained with the use of advanced parametric pixels .

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A sedan called IONIQ 6 and based on the superb Prophecy prototype, Hyundai’s latest electric concept unveiled in March, will be presented in 2022, followed by a large IONIQ 7 SUV in 2024. Beyond this new driving experience that promises Hyundai, like so many others with electric vehicles, the Korean is counting on one million electric vehicles sold by 2025, an expected market share of 10% which propelled it to the rank of leader in sales of 100% electric vehicles. He is not the only one to promise it, but it will still be necessary to find all the customers for these machines presented as the only future of the automobile.

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