‘I am alone’ Park Na-rae mentions controversy about sexual harassment → Tears at the advice of’People are unfinished’ for grandfather [Oh!쎈 종합]

[OSEN=김예솔 기자] Park Na-rae showed tears at her grandfather’s sincere advice.

In MBC’s’I Live Alone’ broadcasted on the 30th, Narae Park visited the homes of her grandmother and grandfather in Mokpo, her hometown.

On this day, Narae Park said that she would organize her grandmother’s and grandfather’s clothes while tidying up the room. But my grandmother and grandfather told me to rest and not. In the end, Park Na-rae said, “I have to do it in secret,” and began moving the items sent by courier. Park Na-rae said, “The closet was like a hideout with my cousins. At some point, it became a closet. I wanted to clean up the room.”

Park Na-rae began to complete and organize hangers while her grandmother was resting. Park Na-rae said, “I slept a lot in this room in the past, but I want to do a new floor covering,” and she moved her body and organized the room. Park Na-rae said, “If you organize your clothes according to the material and color of the clothes, the darker the inside and the brighter the outside will make your home look bright.”

Park Na-rae showed her a room she had arranged hard to her grandmother. The grandmother laughed and said, “I like it.” After tidying up the room, I cooked and ate pork with my grandmother and grandfather. Park Na-rae admired, “It’s so delicious,” as she eats with ssam materials picked by her grandmother and grandfather.

Park Na-rae’s grandfather said, “I heard roughly the story.” “Because you shouldn’t listen to bad things from you,” he said. In response, Narae Park showed tears.

My grandfather gave sincere advice, saying, “Think about that and make an effort.” When Park Na-rae got up from her seat, her grandfather also showed tears. Grandpa said, “Narae didn’t know anyone around, and she went to school alone and grew up alone. Grandma and Grandpa shouldn’t be a burden. I have the idea that I should be a boon to Narae.

Park Na-rae said, “My father died early, so my grandfather said a lot of good things like my father.”

Kwak Do-won said, “I think I’m going to die because I’m having a hard time, but it’s not helpful to ask for strength. I think it’s good to just listen to everything next to you and hand over a tissue. Park Na-rae said, “I have to try to look better.”
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