I am Betty the ugly | Chapter 24 – Part 2

Given the Ecomoda situation, Armando asks Betty to make several reports.

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Claudia, one of the models, arrives at Armando’s (Jorge Enrique Abello) office and suggests that they spend the night together. Sofía and Bertha prevent Patricia (Lorna Paz) from realizing that she is with the woman.

Freddy (Julio César Herrera) talks to Hugo (Julián Arango) and asks him to involve Jenny (Martha Isabel Bolaños) on the catwalk.

Mario (Ricardo Vélez) is surprised by Betty’s way of being and asks Armando to change his attitude with her.

Bertha confesses the truth to her husband.

Armando arrives at his parents’ house and Daniel reminds him about the Board of Directors. Mendoza makes it clear that there will be no meeting until September.

Faced with the situation, Armando entrusts Betty with a great mission.


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