“I am impressed with Barranquilla”: Neven Ilic

He finished satisfied. Neven Ilic Álvarez, president of Panam Sports, an organization that watches over the Panamerican Games and chooses the venue among its 41 partner countries, he said he was amazed by the sports infrastructure of the city and by the changes it has had in every aspect.

The Chilean toured the sports venues of ‘the Sandy’ in company of Jaime Pumarejo and Elsa noguera and considered that everything is well advanced with a view to hosting the 2027 jousts.

“We are looking at the infrastructure and from what I have seen so far it seems to me that it is ready for the Pan American Games, plus some details that we have to do, but that gives me confidence as responsible for this decision we have made, that It has been a good decision ”, declared Ilic Álvarez

The southern leader, who was in the capital of the Atlantic during the Central American and Caribbean Games, assures that he notices urban transformations that make the choice of ‘Curramba’ more interesting as the home of the 2027 Pan American Games.

“It is a very different city from the one I saw in 2018. Fundamentally I want to highlight urbanism, a clean, well-kept city, with flowers. The truth is that as a foreigner I am very impressed by the city I am seeing, beyond the effect of Barranquilla’s sports infrastructure, which is first class, we will do some things that we need, but I want to highlight the city ”, he commented.

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo was proud and motivated by the concept that the top executive of Panam Sports gave about the Colombia’s ‘Golden Gate’.


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