“I am passionate about Medicine, but I would not die for a patient”

Should doctors have vocation to carry out their work and this serves as excuse to be able to make any sacrifice? This is the doubt that some health professionals have debated on social networks, since in recent months there have been some speeches in this regard due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Thus, a doctor has expressed from her Twitter profile that she would not die for a patient. “I like my job, I am passionate about medicine, but my life is not about it. I work, to support my family and There will never be a patient worth dying for and no longer see my children and my husband, “says this user.

“Those who express aloud that we should be willing to die for our patientsIt is simply that you do not have an appellation that comes close to describing your emotional misery“, acknowledges this health professional. Her words have reached hundreds of colleagues, who have retweeted and liked her publication.

“Being willing to die for the profession is sick”

In fact, a matron agrees with her. “Your family, especially your children, will always be above everything,” says this doctor. “I totally agree with this one hundred percent. I also tell you that those who criticize the most are those who later get together 18 at Christmas and only wear a mask to avoid the fine. Those people who believe that they can do whatever they want and then you have to be there for whatever they want“says a user who explains that his wife is a family doctor and” the atrocities he sees are incredible. “

Meanwhile, a family doctor considers that these assessments occur “because of the mania of many people to call us ‘heroes'”. “I believe that the vocation and being willing to die for the profession is unhealthy “, says a resident of Pediatrics in this same sense.”

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