I am pulling out the knife, and by mistake it was opened.. A famous actress is injured in her hand, and a video documents what happened

Actress Amal Bouchoucha was injured while filming her scenes in the series “Taht al-Ramad – Northern Circle”, and she was subsequently transferred to the hospital to follow up on her condition.

In an interview with the ET program in Arabic, Bouchoucha talked about the details of the incident and said: “During the filming of one of the scenes in which I use a knife, I injured my finger, although I trained well before filming and for a while on various types of weapons and how to use them for what the role that I play requires of me.”

She added, “I am pulling out the knife and accidentally opened it on my finger.”

And the page of the company producing the work, ISeeMedia, on Instagram, revealed Amal’s injury, through a picture showing the strong wound that the Algerian artist was subjected to, without revealing the details of what happened.

The company published a video clip showing the injury she suffered in her finger, and the rapid intervention to treat it by suturing the wound and stitching it carefully.

The clip was accompanied by the comment, “The star, Amal Bouchoucha, was injured during the filming of the North Roundabout series and was forced to enter the hospital.” (she has)

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