” I am really sorry. I thought the agent (the policeman) was our driving license ”(Diadia Tall)

During the interrogation of the defendants, Diadia Tall confessed. Asked about the facts, Sieur Tall said he was sorry because he thought his police friend could help them move around at night during curfew. “I am really sorry. I thought the agent was our permit, ”he says.

Coming in the company of Hiba Thiam in the apartment where the party was being held, Diadia emphasizes not having taken cocaine during this evening.

Returning to the facts, the defendant who says he is not aware of the death of Hiba Thiam, gave his version of the facts. “It was around 9:30 p.m. that we arrived at the apartment. Dame Amar, the others and I were playing playstation before I fell asleep on the couch because I had been drinking a lot of alcohol that day. When I woke up, it was 5 hours 55 minutes, I immediately asked Djiby Ba where Hiba is and the latter replied that it was hot. It was later that I asked him to take me to see Hiba. What he does without hesitation. And it was around 6 am that I called for help. If I had known from the start that Hiba was unwell, I would have called for help sooner, ”he regrets in front of the bar.


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