I am the most important singer in Egypt, and Mohamed Ramadan is the text of his views (Fishnk) • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian festival singer Hamu Beka said that he is the most important festival singer currently in the country, explaining his opinion of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, as a singer.

Beka said during televised statements: “The most important festival singer in Egypt is Hama Beca, and I am the maker of joy and smiles on people’s faces, and that the most important festival singer after him is Nour El Tout.”

And about his opinion of Muhammad Ramadan’s singing, he said: “With my hands well, and not with the voice, he is a performer,” explaining that he sees himself more efficient in singing, and achieves a higher rate of views than Ramadan.

He added: “We are talking about someone who has 15 million in his channel. His fans used his acting to sing. Come, we have a channel from scratch that he downloads a song on, and I am a channel from scratch that I download a song on, here we judge.”

He continued, “He finances his song with money to ride the trend, and his views are written in you (forged), but we do not pay with money,” noting that “this method is not correct in bringing views.”

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