I am very afraid, says Inés Gómez Mont for more arrest warrants

The driver and socialite, Inés Gómez Mont, accused of illicit enrichment together with her husband Victor Alvarez Puga, said he is afraid of the request for more arrest warrants against him.

The criminal actions against him, he assures, “now for fiscal matters for which he already had conclusive agreements with the SAT and PRODECON.”

Gómez Mont and her husband are accused of allegedly receiving money from two public contracts that accumulate an amount of 3 billion pesos and being related to the drug trafficking.

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In addition, the ex-driver of “Windowing“He denounced that” these abuses are in addition to those reported yesterday and Wednesday morning in the press, which reveal the persecution in bad faith of which my husband and I are the object. “

Gómez Mont denounces bad faith against him

Gómez Mont, who is the niece of the former Secretary of the Interior, Fernando Gómez Mont, stressed that there are three “points” that have been reported in the press. El Primero said, “that the Public Prosecutor, Mr. Carlos Romero Aranda, initiated criminal proceedings against us, even though he did not have the legal powers to do so. He was not legally authorized. His thirst for persecution against us was of that size. “.

The second, that on September 10, 2021, “authorities (I do not know which ones) lied to the press and the public saying that there was an arrest warrant against us. There was simply no such warrant on that date,” but affirmed that the authorities are more interested in her and her husband being judged by “public opinion”.

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In the third point that he denounced, Inés Gómez Mont assured that Judge Zeferín Hernández, “who was aware of the slander, days later became his accomplice and issued the alleged arrest warrant. It is regrettable because he could have given us the opportunity to go in freedom to deny any accusation. That opportunity no longer exists: The judge ordered us to be incarcerated in a maximum security prison. “

Judge orders Gómez Mont and Álvarez Puga to go to maximum security prison

“Although I am very afraid that these abuses will continue, I have faith that the truth will continue to come to light and our innocence will be proven,” said the host.

Previously, Inés Gómez Mont said that “in her life she had seen 3 billion pesos.”

Beyond show business, Inés Gómez Mont is president of the foundation that bears her name, FIGMA, which is described as an organization that helps single mothers. For his part, her husband is the director of the Álvarez Puga & Asociados law firm and has a series of companies directed to the field of social assistance. One of the most significant is his participation in the National Crusade against Hunger, in addition to being the creator of study programs and help for people with limited resources.

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Álvarez Puga is related to “the king of outsourcing,” Sergio López Castro, from whom he learned the scheme that is now punishable by law after a reform proposed by the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.



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