I approve Red-hot dignity: Daniel Jadue notifies that if the FA favors other alliances, the PC will be “in freedom of action”

The honeymoon between the Frente Amplio and the Communist Party, originated as a result of the primaries of Approve Dignidad and continued later with the support of Daniel Jadue for the presidential candidate of the pact, Gabriel Boric, is over. The trigger for the break was the Constitutional Convention, since the FA constituents did not give their votes for the PC to occupy one of the vice-presidencies or for Valentina Miranda to preside over the Committee on Popular Participation and Territorial Equity.

This was criticized by Daniel Jadue himself in his Facebook “Without Makeup”, warning that the Broad Front “does not consider them partners” and that “hinders what is coming.” “We have a political alliance with the FA. But today that list is acting separately, and it considers us little as partners: it makes decisions with other sectors without considering Chile Digno, ”he said.

Regarding the FA promoting a vice-presidential voting system that integrated Chile Vamos and left the PC out, the former presidential candidate indicated that “the right-wing today has no strength to be directing anything, because it got a very poor vote. And however, there are those who prefer to leave out the communists so that the right has representation ”.

“This does not correspond to the way of acting of an alliance that is preparing to govern (…) Every time the trust in Approve Dignidad is violated, it is difficult for us to reach port with a successful government,” said Jadue.

In the final part of his program, Jadue issued a warning to his FA colleagues and Gabriel Boric, although without mentioning it directly: if the FA privileges other alliances, the PC could feel “free to act.”

“We do not disagree in talking with everyone, but when we go to the decision of what to privilege, our first area, with which we make decisions together, is the FA. Now if the FA privileges another alliance and puts it first for decision-making than its alliance, which is Chile Digno, we can feel free to act, ”warned Jadue.

An antecedent for “single parliamentary list”

One of the most upsetting about this FA decision was Bárbara Sepúlveda, constituent PC, the same one that got Jaime Bassa 11 votes to be elected as vice president of the Convention. Yesterday he hoped that his allies from Approve Dignity would return their hand and assure the lawyer a seat at the table. However, the Broad Front chose to give it only five of the 16 sponsorships they had.

“This weakens the Pact of Approve Dignity. It is important to consider that in a political pact actions must be taken into account and, more importantly, that those actions are consistent with the words committed. And in this case, they broke their word. We acted in good faith and made an agreement with them a long time ago, which implied that we endorsed Jaime Bassa for the vice presidency and gave him our ten votes. On that occasion, he and the rest of the Broad Front pledged their support for when the table was extended. And that did not happen, “he told the newspaper Third.

“It is worth having this precedent not only for the presidential but also for a single parliamentary list with the Broad Front, versus the possibility that today is installed to have two payrolls. Without a doubt, it is a bad sign for the presidential that reaching a space representation and power with our votes then decide to exclude us, “he added.

“There are parties from that bloc, sectors and organizations from their own bases, which behave in a very different way from what we see here in the Constitutional Convention. Therefore, I would not put the entire Frente Amplio within the same bag. Other representatives of that conglomerate show a great willingness to jointly build this bloc, which has posed itself as transformative, anti-neoliberal, feminist, ecological, seeking the decentralization of the country. And I hope that these sectors prevail and not the policy that has been developing. in here, “he closed.

“It is not a set”

To this is added a statement issued by the conventional Chile Digno and shared on Twitter by deputy PC Carmen Hertz, who points out that “the Pact I Approve Dignity is NOT a decoration, political responsibility requires Respecting it! Regarding the sponsorship of the vice presidency.”

In the text, they declare that they have never “shared that the mechanism for nominating the vice-presidencies of the Constituent Convention is by gathering a set of signatures. We always advocate that it be elected by vote, as was done with the Presidency and Vice-presidency in the installation of the Board of Directors. This form of nomination through elections adds legitimacy, generating vice-presidencies with equal support, it is transparent, democratic and requires the creation of minimum and lasting agreements. “

“It is incomprehensible that the Broad Front has decided to distribute the votes of its constituents among various political and ideological forces, demonstrating its inability to ensure, with their support, the sponsorship required to present a candidacy for vice presidency as Pacto Approve Dignity,” they add.

“The integration and over-representation of the right wing is not an opportunity to reflect the diversity of the country, but rather constitutes a setback in relation to what has been advanced. The right does not want to incorporate dissident groups, it does not want to recognize the violation of human rights that it has existed, it rejects a Plurinational State and a majority of them have always rejected this democratic process “, they close.

Response from the FA

In the FA they responded to these sayings. At the end of the session on Wednesday – and before Jadue’s words – the constituent Beatriz Sanchez He said that “we have been permanently as the Broad Front for maintaining the I Approve Dignity pact. Every time we feel aggressions of this type we have not gone out to throw aggressions back. For us this convention is too important. We are not stuck in the small fight or in throwing back or answering that kind of thing. We are not going to be contaminated with what happens outside. “

They reminded Sánchez that with votes from the PC, Jaime Bassa was elected as vice president. She replied: “We do not follow the classic logic of the parties, you give me so much, I give you so much. We gave the sponsorships for Approve Dignity because it is our pact. But we have to look at what we are doing. This is a convention to do. the new Constitution. And hopefully this is not contaminated with the other political struggles. “

Meanwhile, the constituent Ignacio Achurra He added that “legitimately, both the Communist Party has had closeness or alliance with another world, we have also had it. And to insist on the point that Beatríz makes. We are mandated by the citizens today to write a new Constitution and we are in a process of giving governance to this process by writing the rules of the game. “

“We are extremely happy that the table proposal made by President Elisa Loncon with Vice President Jaime Bassa, whose objective was precisely to have a diverse table that would account for the plurality of voices that the Constitutional Convention contains today, today is a fact with the inclusion of the Vice Presidency. We have people from the world independently, from the People’s List, people from social movements, two seats reserved for indigenous people, non-neutral independents, from the socialist collective. It seems to us that, indeed, It is a good reflection of what the Constitutional Convention is. And in that sense we are happy. This is a first transitory table. Many other tables will come. There will probably be another moment when other forces will also be represented in those spaces and We believe that part of that rotation will give it the visibility that I believe all forces require and deserve. Others of us will always be available to give support and patronage, as we did today, “he said.

On Twitter, Fernando Atria He explained that to sponsor, “the FA + joint has 16 sponsorships. These are not available for someone to just ‘lower the line’, but to discuss them so that we all find a common way of acting.”

“That we have been doing intensely. The considerations we have taken into account are, FIRST, that we are committed to AD which, although it has had some problems in the CC, is our main political alliance. This ‘although’ is not irrelevant, in several Opportunities, the PC has sought something different from AD in the CC. Sometimes we have supported the PC’s proposals in their alternative articulation to AD, others not. When not, the PC has not limited itself to registering a political disagreement, but has reacted very aggressively, “he added.

“They have accused neoliberal or racist tendencies in the FA, which makes a pact with the right wing, which does not take parity seriously, etc. I am not going to quote these sayings because I am not interested in antagonizing, and those who are interested enough to get here will know to which I mean. The PC has, like everyone else, the right to their opinions. Also the right to say, as they affirmed until yesterday, that the CC is a separate space of political articulation, so that our articulation in AD should not for what to replicate here, “he added.

“Shadows” between the FA and the PC

For the political analyst Marco Moreno, what is seen now between the FA and the PC is a path full of “shadow.” “We are seeing many shadows en bloc I approve Dignity as a result of the friction between the Broad Front and the Communist Party, yesterday a vice presidency was lost due to the lack of support from the Broad Front, the PC claimed,” he said in conversation with The Counter at La Clave.

“That is marking the presence of increasing differences there, and therefore, an issue of greater autonomy of the Broad Front against the Communist Party,” he added.

“The alliance policy is also liquid. In the bloc on the left, as in the center-left, the issue of relations between political parties is moving very intensely and we will also have to be attentive to how this phenomenon, which is being very dynamic, can probably crystallize for the best. also in other alliances. We are seeing a new political cartography in terms of alliances or blocks ”, he added.

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