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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – President Joko Widodo rate, the government’s steps do not carry out quarantine or territory lockdown in the face of the corona virus pandemic Covid-19 it is right.

He said, if policy lockdown imposed, then it will have fatal consequences for economic growth Indonesia.

“I can’t imagine if we were before lockdown so, maybe (economic growth) can be minus 17 (percent), “said President Jokowi during a meeting with the governors at the Bogor Palace on Wednesday (07/15/2020) quoted from Setkab.go.id.

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Urge to lockdown known to be voiced by a number of people when the corona virus began to plague in Indonesia last March.

But President Jokowi prefers to use a Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) scheme to suppress transmission.

According to President Jokowi, the consequences are not lockdown, then Indonesia’s economic growth is still better than other countries.

In the first quarter, Indonesia’s economy still grew at 2.97 percent, even though it dropped from a range of five percent.

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In the second quarter, President Jokowi claimed to have received predictions that the economy would be minus 4.3 percent.

However, he stressed, the figure was still better than other countries predicted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

“The last thing I received from the OECD, France, for example, was minus 17.2 percent. Britain minus 15.4 percent. Germany minus 11.2 percent. The United States was minus 9.7 percent,” President Jokowi said.



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