“I can’t play with the new 308”

Through its new logo, should Peugeot really position itself as a premium brand?

“The answer is no. In fact, Peugeot’s positioning revolves around three axes. First of all, we are generalists, not premium. In short, this means that we want to remain financially affordable. But we are also high range. We have been working hard on our level of quality and technology for ten years. Finally, we are innovative, which is essential in today’s world. Our new logo perfectly reflects these values, and this new brand identity shines through in our dealerships.”

Peugeot 308 SW – DR

At Peugeot, we talk less about electric than in other brands. Why ?

“We are in a period of transition and our strategy is to offer our customers choice. Look at the new 308, it is available in petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and a 100% electric version is coming in 2023. Today “Today 80% of our models have an electrified version, and it will be 100% in 2024. So we can’t say that we are behind. Note that this concerns Europe, because other parts of the world don’t have the same timing. I have international customers who need diesel and petrol, so I make sure to offer them the engine they need.”

Peugeot 308 SW
Peugeot 308 SW – DR

What about hydrogen in this reflection?

“We are working on its development. There is not a single solution for the future, but rather a set of solutions. The paths we take are highly dependent on charging infrastructure, so we do not have all the parameters of the question .”

Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot
Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot – DR

Between the electrical transition, the Covid crisis and the shortage of semiconductors, what is your feeling about the period we are living through?

“I’ve been through a number of crises in my long career, but obviously the problems have been piling up for some time. The only attitude to deal with it all is to be nimble. Every day , we have to find solutions based on the models, the factories. It’s a permanent industrial management. As CEO of Peugeot, I have to manage the issues as well as possible, arbitrate them, without forgetting the brand’s ambitions in this turmoil. This semiconductor crisis is probably the worst in my 40-year career, and it comes as we launch an extremely important model: the new 308. But we will rise to this challenge, gradually increasing our production rate to meet the demand. I can’t play with the new 308, so there’s no question of depriving it of the latest technologies because we lack microchips.”

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