“I didn’t know what was going on”

It is around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday evening when a woman skids with her vehicle on the E40 motorway bridge in Oostkamp. The driver then crashed into the bridge barrier and caused it to close. Unfortunately, several pieces of debris fell on the highway which is just below.

Miraculously, no debris landed directly on any of the many vehicles traveling that evening. Despite everything, five cars were damaged, including that of Glenn Vincke (53): “I didn’t know what had happened,” he told our colleagues from the Nieuwsblad.

“A large block of concrete fell just in front of my bonnet, and we hit it at full speed”, specifies this Ostend resident slightly injured in the accident. “My front bumper shattered, my front wheel cracked, there was a crack in the windscreen and my airbag exploded.”

Luckily, Glenn and his colleague Annie stopped on the side of the road and were able to get out of their car with the help of other drivers. Heavily damaged, Glenn Vincke’s vehicle was then towed to a garage and will have to be appraised.

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