«I do not regret sacrificing many things for flamenco»

At the age of six she was already performing in flamenco peñas and now, after a career in which she has shared the bill with artists such as José Mercé, bailaora Macarena Ramírez (28 years old, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz) has won the first edition of ‘The Dancer ‘, the dance format of La 1 de TVE that said goodbye on Monday with almost 1.1 million viewers and an 8.8% audience share.

– How did you start dancing?

–I started very small. At the age of four, at the school in the neighborhood of Chiclana. Then I went to Jerez de la Frontera, I went to the Cádiz dance conservatory, I passed through Seville and I went to Madrid. From the age of six or seven, I realized that it was not a ‘hobby’, but that it was my life.

– What have you had to sacrifice to dedicate yourself to dancing?

-I have had to sacrifice many things, such as being with my friends, school trips, going to the park to play, being with my family, with my parents, with my brother, not going on trips … Many things, but I do not regret it. nothing because it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. You have to dedicate a lot of time to dancing, because the young people are pushing harder and harder. You have to improve yourself day by day.

“Did you ever think about throwing in the towel?”

–We always have lows, but really what it is to think ‘I want to throw in the towel, I don’t want to dance anymore’, never that. But there have been many days of lows, of anger, of helplessness. There have to be days like this in order to later value the good.

-What encouraged you to present yourself to ‘The Dancer’? What did you do before signing up for the casting?

– I decided to present myself due to the covid situation, because all the theaters and tablaos had been canceled. And I said: ‘Why am I not going to expose myself to a television contest where a lot of people will see me and I can teach my art’. At the time, he was not doing anything. I was in my house. I had various finery, but not what I’m used to. My friends, the bailaor Eduardo Guerrero, my parents encouraged me … Everyone encouraged me.

– Has it been hard to keep the secret? Did they ask you a lot about the program?

-If the truth. It has been quite hard. I really wanted to say it, but couldn’t. It has been hard because, like it or not, it is your reward after all the sacrifice and the fight. They asked me a lot about the program because I came out in the first audition. They asked me when I was going to come out again.

– He has designed his own wardrobe and, in the final, his mother helped him to make it. Does it come from a family of artists?

– All the costumes you have seen at the gala I have designed. The final costume came about because I wanted to give two approaches to women: one, more subtle and delicate, and the other, a woman with more strength and power. My mother has always helped me with everything. I come from a humble family, which has not lived what the artist’s world is. My father is a truck driver, my brother is an engineer and my mother is a housewife. No one in the family dances or sings. But I have always felt the support of my family. Without them I would not be here.

–You have merged flamenco with other genres, how has the experience been?

–Fusing flamenco has been fun. A challenge that has distracted me greatly. I have always wanted to give a new approach to flamenco without losing its essence. It has been something incredible and unforgettable, and I have learned a lot. I have been able to learn something new without losing my roots. And I have shown that in flamenco you can innovate by being pure flamenco. It is not necessary to mix another type of dance.

– Is there a need for more dissemination of flamenco?

–I always think that flamenco deserves more popularization than it has. It is not given the value it deserves. Flamenco has to be in schools, in universities, in all places. Flamenco and dance heal and should be more present in our lives.

“Do you have imminent plans?” Would you like to dedicate yourself to television?

– Right now we have many ‘masterclasses’, many courses and shows. And of course I would like to dedicate myself to television. It is a showcase open to everything, where a lot of people meet you and you can spread your flamenco more.


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