“I do not yet see a slowdown in the figures, it is even an acceleration”

Between November 14 and 20, 15,890 new Sars-CoV-2 contaminations were detected on average per day, up 54% compared to the previous week, according to figures from the Sciensano Public Health Institute. day Wednesday morning.

“I’m looking for it every day, but I don’t see any signs of slowing down yet. The number of infections has even accelerated somewhat, ”explains Steven Van Gucht to our colleagues at HLN. “The number of hospitalizations continues to increase at the same rate. “

Blame it on insufficient measures? For the virologist, it is still too early to tell, the effects of the measures decided on last week by the Concertation Committee are not yet noticeable. Nevertheless, he relies on the common sense of the population and hopes that social contacts will be spontaneously reduced. Is a new confinement to be considered? According to Steven Van Gucht, it is not currently in question.


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