“I don’t know who Julio Preciado is”: Natanael Cano responded like this to the singer’s criticism

Julio Preciado commented that he does not like what Natanael Cano does and the young man said that he does not even know him (IG: juliopreciado / natanael.cano)

Days after Julio Preciado express his displeasure at cumshots lyings y Natanael Cano, the latter responded by stating that he does not know who Preciado is.

Upon his return to Los Angeles, after giving a concert in Chicago (the first with people in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis), Natanael was approached at the airport.

In addition to talking a bit about the show, he confirmed that he will be doing a collaboration with Nicky Jam and was questioned about the sayings of Julio Preciado, who at the beginning of September gave an interview to Gustavo Adolfo Infante where he spoke thus:

“As my compadre (Pancho Barraza) says, now all the people who sing the lying corridos, which by the way shit on me personally. What does Natanael Reyes bring? What is his name? Natanael Cano and all those people, my friend was telling me ‘they are only talking about our lives, but they are talking about it, nothing more. We live it, they are telling it, they are singing it, but we did have respect for the music and for the public ‘”.

Preciado expressed his dislike for the lying corridos
Preciado expressed his dislike for the lying corridos

This time without exploding, as it did when the scandal with Pepe Aguilar, Natanel replied:

“I did see something like that, but I didn’t take it into account. Until now I don’t really know who Julio Preciado is, I haven’t gotten into the subject because I don’t have the need ”., said in an interview for the journalist Nelssie Carrillo.

When asked if as a child he never listened to Banda El Recodo, of which Preaciado was vocalist, Natanael pointed out: “Banda el Recodo yes, but Julio Preciado no, but it still respects itself, I know it has its people, I have mine.”

Precisely when he played the theme of Banda El Recodo, they asked him if he would like to do a show like the one that the group offered last weekend in Anaheim, California, which was with the public aboard their cars. “I wouldn’t agree to do that, I’d better wait for me.”

In the end, he asked people to criticize him to “relax.”

Natanael is 19 years old and is identified as an interpreter of lying corridos (EFE)
Natanael is 19 years old and is identified as an interpreter of lying corridos (EFE)

Against Pepe Aguilar

Last May a controversy broke out between Pepe Aguilar and Natanael Cano over the issue of the lying corridos.

In an interview with El Escorpión Dorado, Pepe pointed out that today’s music is “pinch *”.

He never mentioned Natanael’s name, but the 19-year-old felt alluded to and launched against him on social media. “Someone explain to Pepe Aguilar, poor thing, that he doesn’t know what the lying corridos are. And that for everyone there is pleasure, Well, he doesn’t like all music, “said the young man.

Pepe Aguilar and Natanael Cano starred in a crossroads of statements (IG: pepeaguilar_oficial / natanael_cano)
Pepe Aguilar and Natanael Cano starred in a crossroads of statements (IG: pepeaguilar_oficial / natanael_cano)

“If everyone has different tastes, why do you open your mouth? Let’s see Pepe Aguilar, what are lying corridos for you? Well, the truth is I don’t like them, but you could say that there will be people who do and That is respected, but there you are going to throw shit, with the words shit that may exist ”.

Aguilar was not silent and responded through Instagram.

“They no longer climb onto a brick and think they are already flying,” he said. “PTo start with, with all due respect, compa, I don’t even know you. A song in my life I have never heard from you. God help you, do very well and I was not even talking about you, or a gender, or anything.

In the end, Natanel Cano apologized to Pepe Aguilar and the matter ended there.


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