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Nowadays, medicine is advanced. Many men and women use condoms or oral drugs if they don’t want to have children to avoid “killing lives.” But what should people do if they didn’t have condoms in ancient times? Wei Yingluo, the heroine of the Chinese Qing palace drama “Strategy of the Yanxi Palace”, deliberately took the “Guzitang” in order to avoid being pregnant with the dragon seed. Although there is no evidence to prove that this method is effective, it accidentally made the drama fans wonder about the contraceptive measures of the ancients.

▲There was no condom in the pedestrian house in ancient times, so fish swim bladder or lamb intestines were used. (Sketch/reversed from the Weibo of Zhen Huan in the Harem)

In fact, there were many contraceptive methods in the Qing Dynasty. There are rumors that after men and women have sex, girls will immediately drink the “refuge soup” containing mercury, musk, or saffron, claiming to promote uterine contractions and achieve infertility or abortion. But this method has no basis.

Another more convincing method is that boys will take out the cleaned fish swim bladder or sheep intestines as condoms before the affection. In the movie “Martial Arts”, there is a scene where the heroine Tang Wei is washing the fish bladder and is ready for her husband to use. Shortcomings The condom made of this animal organ smells very bad, and there are concerns about hygiene.

▲If the emperor didn’t want his concubine to be pregnant, he would ask the eunuch to help discharge his sperm. (Picture/Reversed from Weibo of Yanxi Palace)

The history of the Qing Dynasty recorded that after the concubines in the Forbidden City accepted their favor, if the emperor wanted to keep the dragon seed, he would record the concubine’s name in the “Xinggong Book” (Tongshi) to ensure that the blood was pure; if the emperor didn’t want to keep it, The eunuch would slightly press the “anal veins” acupuncture points with his hands to expel the emperor’s “Yulu”.

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