I don’t want to give money to the Federation: Piojo HerreraMediotiempo

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tigers was eliminated by Pachuca in the Quarterfinals of the Apertura 2022but Miguel Herrera He pointed out that he has nothing to reproach his team, since he says they broke the mother, for which he does not feel that his position is at stake.

Even, The lice did not want to speak ill of the arbitration of Fernando Guerrero, emphasizing that he does not intend to give money to the Mexican Soccer FederationWell, he says that testifying against the whistler only earns him money.

“Talking about the referees is giving money to the Federation, it’s no use, you make claims and they always come out with the same thing. Yes, I leave upset by the decisions, but don’t worry because the team broke the mother”.

“(Complaining) is giving wool to the Federation and I don’t want to give it more money,” said El Piojo, but aware that there was a hand inside the area in which it was expected to be a penalty in favor of Tigres.

Are you leaving Tigres?

When questioned about his continuity with the felines, Herrera could not hide his annoyance at the question, pointing out that this is what the team president, Mauricio Culebro; however, he indicated that his team had a good tournament and league.

“The team tried everywhere, unfortunately we did not come out with the right aim, in this tournament the team was not forceful. We finished the tournament with a lot of pain, they beat us for the position of the table, we did not score it, they were forceful and we No. They broke the mother, I can not blame them for anything, there were opportunities “.

“That (continuity) I cannot answer for you, it seems to me that it is out of context… if the team had not shown anything, then I would say that they did not understand me, that it was not the team we wanted… if you want I feel Culebro here,” he commented.

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