“I feel betrayed”: reacts Celine Dion

Celine Dion feels “betrayed” after she lost the legal standoff between Rob Prinz and ICM Partners, her former agent and artistic agency.

According to Deadline and Variety, the California Labor Commission has concluded that the Quebec artist will have to compensate ICM Partner for its lucrative CAN $ 650 million contract concluded in 2017 with AEG, while she was still with the agency. This agreement concerned the shows it was going to give from 2017 to 2026.

The Commission ruled that Celine Dion will have to pay the amounts provided for in the agreement even if she terminated her contract with ICM Partners in 2018.

In a written statement released by Deadline, the superstar reacted to the verdict.

“When René was alive, he took care of all my business and was always very fair to the people we worked with. And that’s one of the things he passed on to me. Because René was not there to defend me during the hearing, I feel that Mr. Prinz and ICM took the opportunity to make abusive requests for money and to reveal confidential information about my agreement with AEG. I feel betrayed.”

Celine Dion indicates that she has paid “several million dollars” to Mr. Prinz over the years. “I’m not saying Mr. Prinz hasn’t done anything, but he doesn’t deserve all the credit he takes for my career. Mr. Prinz never asked to be paid for 10 years for a few months of work, and I never made a commitment to do so. ”

In a separate statement, Celine Dion’s lawyer says they will appeal and ask a jury to rule.


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