“I” | Forced to fight the system

Amputated of her arms and legs, a young woman whose tragic accident made the headlines at the end of 2017 tells this evening on the program “JE” her painful fight against the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) .

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On the night of December 24 to 25, 2017 in Outaouais, Sabryna Mongeon received a powerful electric shock after losing control of her car. She then had to undergo six amputations.

Three years later, “JE” reconnected with the one who is now a single mother of a one-year-old child. If her courage and determination are enough to impress, the young woman admits that her only moments of discouragement are in connection with the administrative decisions rendered by the SAAQ in her case.

“I didn’t even answer when they called me for x reasons,” she says. I just didn’t have the energy to fight with them for something that is existential for me. ”

In the space of three years, she explains that her amount of home help has been reduced by more than half. She turned to the services of a lawyer and is today challenging this decision.

“This is what is problematic with the SAAQ, they apply the law so rigidly, it seems that there is no longer any room for discretion,” notes his lawyer, Me Sophie Mongeon.

«[Mon fils] Still gives me the strength not to be discouraged, says Sabryna. I’m going to give her what a normal mother could give her, but what discourages me is the SAAQ and their indifference to all of this. ”

His fight echoes that of Marcel Dubeau, a man paralyzed in all four limbs since a serious traffic accident in May 2006.

“For me, if I no longer have therapy, for me it breaks my life,” describes Mr. Dubeau.

For more than 11 years, the SAAQ reimbursed most of his rehabilitation treatments which allowed him, after years of effort, to relearn to walk.

But in April 2019, her universe collapsed again. The SAAQ then informed him that it was stopping reimbursements for his treatments.

“For reimbursements to continue, it is absolutely essential that there be improvements in the person’s state of health,” explains Mario Vaillancourt, spokesperson for the SAAQ. In the case we are talking about, what happened is that there was an administrative error, in the sense that the reimbursements should have stopped long before, a long time ago. ”

However, the therapist and the attending physician of Marcel Dubeau both say they were surprised by this decision of the SAAQ.

“The SAAQ will destroy everything it invested in Mr. Dubeau’s case. These are hours and hours of hard work in physio reduced to nothing, ”laments his therapist.

His doctor, Dr Mathieu Hanna, also recommends that treatment be continued.

«I believe that just to maintain the achievements in his case, that means that we avoid placing him in a CHSLD or in an intermediate resource. Probably it costs the system less to pay for physiotherapy than to be hospitalized and manage all the complications that arise. ”


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