“I gave him death”

Even his lawyer doubted it, but Jonathann Daval finally delivered Thursday before the assizes of Haute-Saône the terrifying story of the murder of his wife Alexia, with this final confession: “I gave him death”.

Tears streaming down his tense face, in a voice stifled by emotion, the 36-year-old accused, pushed to his limits by the president of the court Matthieu Husson, did not shy away this time.

“So it is death that you wanted?” Asks the president. “Yep,” loose Jonathann who faces life imprisonment for this “spouse murder” now fully assumed.

“Anyway, I gave him death, yes, when you strangle someone like that, it’s to kill”, he admits again.

His lawyers who had reserved before the trial the possibility of pleading the willful violence leading to death without intention of giving it, less severely punished, should therefore renounce it.

– “I squeezed” –

It is “the anger of all these years which has emerged (…) Hence the strangulation for it to be silent”, continues the accused in an allusion to this “conjugopathy” evoked by his counsel, Me Randall Schwerdorffer, to describe the dysfunctional couple he formed with Alexia.

“The blows were quick and it started on the strangulation, I grabbed her by the neck, I tightened, the time, we estimated it at 4 minutes, but I cannot estimate the time for you” .

“When I felt she was sagging, I let go.”

The triggering factor? Alexia would have bitten him, causing her rage: “The bite, that put me out of myself (…) I made pressure cooker, I overflowed”.

“I banged her head twice against the wall before hitting her. Before I dared not admit that I had done that … I never fought. Never punched,” adds Jonathann Daval.

Then, the accused whom Alexia’s parents implored from the start of the trial to tell “the whole truth”, said the unspeakable when he explained that he then placed his wife’s body in the trunk of his car before ” hang out “in the woods where he will be found on October 30, 2017.

“It’s like dragging a vulgar sack of potatoes,” stammers Jonathann in tears in her glass box, her voice broken, hardly audible. “It’s disgusting…”

“The (next) morning at 9:00 am, I made the decision to get rid of the body” in a nearby wood “and to put on make-up by jogging”, he says again. Then he goes to the gendarmerie to report the disappearance of his wife during an alleged jogging.

The computer scientist then played for three months the weeping widowers, before being arrested. Then he had multiplied the versions of the facts, going so far as to accuse his brother-in-law Grégory Gay of being the murderer.

– “Chameleon personality” –

Wednesday evening, the frail thirty-something had presented an “apology” to the parents of Alexia for having “taken their daughter” and recognized that his gesture was “not excusable”. But his interrogation, which had barely started, was interrupted by a vagal discomfort which had led him to the Vesoul hospital where he spent the night.

When the trial resumed on Friday morning, it was the experts’ turn to describe a “chameleon personality”, an “impulsive”, “immature” person capable of “uncontrolled” reactions.

“You have to consider him as a child, he has a child’s mentality,” explained psychologist Tony Arpin, auditioned by videoconference, detailing this “chameleon personality” capable of “adapting” and “manipulating” to arouse “positive feelings” towards his person.

“Obviously we have been manipulated, we are always manipulated!”, Reacted in front of the cameras Alexia’s father, Jean-Pierre Fouillot.

Jonathann Daval “does not support the absence of the loved one” and, “if he feels that it escapes him, he can have quite impulsive and uncontrolled reactions”, had further advanced the psychologist.

The discomfort of Wednesday evening once again upset the planning of the trial. But according to Advocate General Emmanuel Dupic, the verdict is still awaited on Friday.

On Wednesday, Jean-Pierre Fouillot, who had long considered Jonathann as a son, definitively broke the bond of affection, demanding “the maximum penalty” against his son-in-law.

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